Top 10 Web Hack Techniques

Every year the security community produces a stunning amount of new Web hacking techniques that are published in various white papers, blog posts, magazine articles, mailing list emails, conference presentations, etc. No anyone who can forecast what new Hack Technique will be discovered at the next month. Yes, our Internet, Web site and Web based business are under the threats of the Unknown Attacks. The current solutions of the "Circum Security Products + Web" have not been enough!

2、Multiple vulnerabilities in Apache Struts2 and property oriented programming with Java
3、DNS poisoning via Port Exhaustion
4、DOMinator – Finding DOMXSS with dynamic taint propagation
5、Abusing Flash-Proxies for client-side cross-domain HTTP requests
6、Expression Language Injection
7、Java Applet Same-Origin Policy Bypass via HTTP Redirect
8、CAPTCHA Hax With TesserCap
9、Bypassing Chrome’s Anti-XSS filter
10、CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over