Hot News :: Web Security and Defacement

(If you are still using the conventional Web servers, such as Apache, IIS etc, you maybe the next victim...)

[12.31.2008] 300+ Israeli Websites over the past few days have been defaced with anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. messages after Israel's bombing of Gaza.
[12.30.2008] Researchers hack VeriSign's SSL scheme for securing Web sites
[12.01.2008] CBS Web site bitten by iFrame hack. It served remote malware to visitors
[11.07.2008] Thousands hit in broad Web hack. Malicious links were placed on over 10,000 servers.
[10.03.2008] Over 200,000 Web masters have not known their Web site has been controlled by hackers. The sites are such as Fortune 500 firms, weapons manufacturers, governments, including U.S. Postal Service, etc.
[09.18.2008] Hacked Texas National Guard site serves up malware
[09.15.2008] BusinessWeek site attacked, turned into malware playground
[09.12.2008] Hackers hit Large Hadron Collider Web site
[08.22.2008] Olympic champion Phelps' website defaced in Turkish hack
[08.13.2008] Olympics news sites hit with attacks.
[08.11.2008] Cyberattacks knock out Georgia's Internet presence. Some Georgian government and commercial sites are unavailable.
[07.30.2008] Microsoft Web sites got dafaced again!
[07.21.2008] Georgia president's Web site falls under DDOS attack
[07.09.2008] Internet flaw could let hackers take over the Web
[07.02.2008] Sony PlayStation Site Hacked With 'Scareware'
[06.27.2008] Hackers hijack critical Internet organization sites
[06.08.2008] Fraudsters hack into Home Office website
[04.23.2008] Infected Web Site Numbers Soaring, A new Infected site appearing once every 5 seconds...
[04.23.2008]  U.N. and UK Government Site Victim Of Global Malware Attack
[04.22.2008] Obama Website Hacked: Users Redirected To Clinton Campaign
[03.30.2008] Hackers expand massive IFrame attack to prime sites: including USA Today, ABC News, Target and Wal-Mart...
[03.13.2008] Even Web site of a large Anti-Viruses vendor of Trend Micro was ifected and distribute Viruses! CA is also!